Lockinge Fishery

This wonderful fishery is managed by my wife and I and is part of the Lockinge Estate located just outside of Wantage in Oxfordshire. It consists of a series of nine lakes, all interconnected by a stream, fed by springs, rising from the nearby Berkshire chalk downland, and offers fly fishing for both brown and rainbow trout.

Syndicate membership of the fishery provides an opportunity for fly fishing in a stunning environment, with each lake presenting different opportunities and challenges for catching fish.

Each lake has its own unique characteristic and provides a diversity of fishing experiences.

The Bridge Pool is at the top of the fishery and is fed by the Betterton Brook.

In the early Spring the Church Pool, with its spring-fed rock feature, surrounded by acres of early snowdrops, aconites and cillas is a sight to behold. Church Pool is brown trout only.

The main Lockinge Lake, is 3.5 acres in area. This provides a natural fishing situation in a beautiful parkland setting. The water varies in depth from an average of 4 to 5 feet down to 9 feet as the dammed watercourse exits to the small lake below.


Park Pool is approximately 1/2 acre in extent, and its shallow depth allows easy sight of its resident trout.

Lodge Pool is further down in the village of Ardington. It is 1/2 acre in extent and again offers good sight-fishing for trout.

Ardington Lake is approximately 2.5 acres in extent and offers a mixture of clear shallow water, sight-fishing and deep-water fishing.

The Giggers lakes are at the tail end of the fishery and are three long pools in a woodland setting, offering sheltered fishing under all conditions.

If you would like to find out more about this special fishery please get in touch.