Coaching & Guiding

I offer coaching in fly fishing techniques on an individual or group basis and also provide guiding for more experienced anglers on some of the beautiful rivers and lakes in the Cotswolds.

I can tailor any coaching requirements to your exact needs and also provide additional instructors for larger groups.

Casting Instruction

I provide casting instruction for both beginners and experienced anglers from £60 per hour. Please see Prices.

Beginners Day

This is a great way for anyone who is new to fly fishing to both learn about the sport and also get lots of practice. The cost is £200 for the day and includes use of all the necessary equipment.

Details for follow-on tuition are also available, please get in touch to discuss.


9:30 am – Introduction to Fly Fishing
The day starts with a talk about the fly fishing equipment, setup , insects – how to identify them and choose the matching artificial, habits of the trout and which flies to use and when to use them and river skills.
Fishing can be dangerous so Health and Safety is paramount, qualified advice on do’s and don’ts will be provided.

10:00 am – Casting Tuition
The tuition will cover basic casts – the roll cast and overhead cast. Advice will be given on basic fly selection and set up of rods. Some basics of watercraft will also be covered. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice casting both on and off the water.

12:30 pm - Lunch
Please remember to bring food and refreshments as there may not be facilities available near to the fishing location.

1:00 pm - Fishing
After lunch the afternoon is an opportunity to practice what has been covered in the morning and fish supported by your guide.
Instruction will be provided on how to land a fish safely and how to release fish back into the water.

4:45 pm - Reflection and Feedback
This is an opportunity to reflect and talk about the day, what went well and how to build on what has been learnt.

5.00 pm - End 


I can provide a full or half day of guiding and tuition by a fully qualified fly fishing instructor for both beginners and more experienced fishermen. Please see Prices.

Top quality fishing tackle, flies and waders are available for your use. Just let us know in advance what you will need.

I can also provide local pickup and drop off for up to 4 people and also provide advice on local accommodation.